Elks Theater Back to School Contest Winner


In August, the Elks Theater sponsored

an online Back to School photo contest.   

The Winner of the contest was Sawyer Leon of

Mrs. Brubakken’s 1st Grade Class at Meadowbrook Elementary. 

Saywer won a Prize Pak from the Elks Theater

and Meadowbrook re

ceived a $500 school donation! 

Below is the winning photo along with a group photo to include

the Owner of the Elks Theater; Curt Small,

Meadowbrook Principal; Shannon Schaefers, Emily Leon;

Sawyer’s Mom and the Prize winne

r himself . . .Sawyer! 

Newscenter 1 also came to Meadowbrook to feature Sayer

and the winning photo! 

Congratulations and Thank You Sawyer!!