Dates to remember







December 10th…Holiday Program Rehearsal

December 10th…Papa Johns Pizza Night

December 11th…Holiday Program

December 17th…Marco’s Pizza Night

December 23rd-January 3rd….No School for Winter Break

January 6th…School Resumes



Christmas banner

Meadowbrook Holiday Program

9:00-9:15 Kindergarten


9:30-9:45 First Grade


10:00-10:15 Second Grade


10:30-10:45 Third Grade


11:00-11:15 Fourth Grade


11:30-11:45 Fifth Grade


Holiday Program will be at the Rapid City High School Theater.


Students will be bused to and from the program.


Students CAN NOT be checked out at the theater!


Holiday break

There will be NO SCHOOL from December 23 thru January 3rd

School resumes on January 6th.


Blue flag

When the weather is below zero or raining heavy we will hang a blue flag outside of the school by the office.  When you see  this blue flag outside it means that  children can come inside before school. Grades 3-5 go to the gym and grades K-2  go to the multi-purpose room.  If you do not see the blue flag you must stay outside




Notes from the nurse







It’s that time again. Talk to your doctor or medical provider about getting the flu shot. Discuss with your children about covering their cough and good hand-washing. Prevention is key!

 Our clothing supply closet for the occasional accidents is running low. Any donations for small boys’ new underwear, and boys’ gently used sweatpants, would be greatly appreciated.

Feel free to contact me for questions or concerns.

Nurse Jamie

Stay healthy logo



Danger nut allergy warning

Sweet treats









CAUTION:  With Birthday Celebrations, please keep in mind that we have several students

with life threatening food allergies and food related health problems.  ONLY food commercially prepared and packaged with an ingredient label are permitted.  NO food with nuts or peanuts, or peanut and tree nut oils are to be brought into the classroom.

Thank you!


School lunch logo

Please check your child’s account for current balances.

You can pay online or send money to school with your child.

Thank you!



Notes from the office logoStop sign

Parents – please help us keep Meadowbrook Elementary safe and secure every day by coming to the main office whenever you come into the building. Lisa and Lori are there to help you and will ensure your student gets their lunch, instrument, homework, library book, etc.


Cellphone colorIwatch

We need your help! Many of our students have cell phone watches now and we have found the need to revisit the cell phone policy from our district Elementary Student Handbook to ensure students are not using these during the school day. 

Page 34 of the 2018-2019 handbook states “cell phones may not be used in the building during the school day and they must be turned off and placed in backpack or locker. If students are in violation of this rule, the cell phone will be considered a nuisance object.  Students that must make a phone call must use the office phone.”

If your student has a cell phone/watch that they wear to school, please discuss the above policy with them so they understand they are not to be used for texting or calls during the school day. 

Thank you for your help with this!



Lost and found

Have you lost something? A coat,  a hat, gloves, lunchbox, glasses??  Come check out our lost and found!

Everything will be donated at the end of the year.



Robotics club

Robotics club members photo

Meadowbrook Robotics Club is off to a great start this year. The Robot Renegades are working hard building this year’s challenge board and programming their missions. In December, the Renegades will participate in the Rapid City LEGO Qualifier. If they do well, they could be chosen to go to the State Qualifier in Sioux Falls! This year’s team include Bella Cramer, Damian Eyre, Louise Kjerstad, Will Nebelsick, Atticus Robinson, and Molly Steele. If you see them, be sure to wish them luck!