Dear Parents,


We appreciate all who were able to attend our Parent Teacher Conferences in October. The school and parent partnership are important in the success of your child. Also important to the success of our students is Meadowbrook’s implementation of WIN groups. WIN stands for What I Need. This systematic process of interventions is used to ensure students receive additional time and support for learning when they experience difficulty or need extension. Students may travel to different classrooms and work with different teachers to receive explicit instruction that will help them grow. It also provides an opportunity for extension and enrichment when students are showing mastery of the skills determined for that cycle. The students’ groups are fluid and flexible and the academic focus changes frequently. Ask your child about what they are learning about in their WIN time.


Shannon Schaefers, Principal

Meadowbrook Staff Members


  • Shannon Schaefers



  • Shannon Fish
  • Kyra Webb
  • Lucia Vincent
  • Janet Brubakken

First Grade

  • Emily Hagen
  • Kristen Huntington
  • Nancy Rohrbach
  • Brandi Sperle

Second Grade

  • Linda Baysinger
  • Teresa Wolf
  • Mariah Koehne
  • Brenda Swanson

Third Grade

  • Ashley Julius
  • Amy Nelson
  • Tricia Hauf

Fourth Grade

  • Susan Bolton
  • Mykel Salazar
  • Amy Shanahan
  • Jennifer Rouse

Fifth Grade

  • Beth Chalberg
  • Patti Mitzel
  • Andrew Thimgan


  • Marie Ammann, Music
  • Ben Lemay, Orchestra
  • April Magnuson, Band


  • Shelly Vidas

Information Media Center/Library/STEAM2

  • Tina Eisenbraun, Information Media Specialist
  • Michelle Eames, Library Secretary/Clerk


  • Renee Landeen

Behavior Strategist

  • Rebekah Schmidt

Intervention Specialist

  • Kelli Collins


  • Cari Clark

District Wide Rooms

  • Tasha Haugen, District Wide K-2
  • Andrea Minkel, Para Professional
  • Susan Schlottman, Para Professional
  • Katie Rohrbach, District Wide 3-5
  • Teri Pourier, Para Professional
  • Candace Wurdeman, K-2 Life Skills Paraprofessional
  • Michelle Ohrtman, 3-5 Life Skills Paraprofessional
  • Brandy Raab, Para Professional

Learning Center

  • Jessica Willuweit, L.D. Teacher
  • Lisa Teachout, L. D. Teacher
  • Shaun Keller, L.D. Teacher
  • Sheri O’Connell, Special Ed. Assistant
  • Maureen O’Brien, Special Ed. Assistant.
  • Ilze McMacken, LC Sped Asst.
  • Michelle Dwyer, Papraprofessional
  • Jessica Haugen, Para Professional

Literacy Specialists

  • Tim Cleland
  • Ramie Krysl
  • Leon Swift Bird, Literacy Coach, MTSS


  • Brittany Hemenway
  • Bethany Wessel (Share with Pinedale)
  • Kendra Patton (Share with Horace Mann)

Office Staff

  • Lori Berg, Secretary
  • Lisa Armour, Secretary
  • Jamie Marvin-Vargas, Nurse
  • Desiree Klapperich, Food Service

 Day Custodian

  • Billy Wade

 Deaf/Blind Education

  • Leslee Wallis, Deaf Ed. Interpreter
  • Kendra MacDonald, Deaf Ed. Interpreter
  • Darlean Danielson, Teacher of the Deaf (Share with West Middle School and Stevens High School)
  • Greta Howe,  Deaf Ed. Interpreter (Share with West and Stevens High School)
  • Sandy Kenrick, Teacher of the Blind (District-wide)