Parents and Teachers working together for our students:

Dear Meadowbrook families,

On behalf of PTSA, welcome to a new, exciting school year! Lori and Lisa have created such a welcoming office space for students and of course the new Principal, Mrs. Schaefers. I’m excited to collaborate with them and all our wonderful teachers.

Meadowbrook PTSA launches a large cookie dough fundraiser in the fall that profits upwards of $20,000 we pour back into the school with educational tools otherwise not provided by the state. Passive fundraisers build the budget for other necessary school resources.

While we provide a deeper education for your children, we also like to spoil Meadowbrook staff sometimes, and don’t forget the FUN with scattered events throughout the year!

First meeting will be Tuesday, Sept 17th @ 7 pm in the school library. Lots of members’ kids have moved on to middle school, including mine next year, so we highly anticipate the next era of parents to step forward and continue running this well-oiled machine that helps make your child’s elementary education one of the best!

Cheers to a new year,

Chasity Marcus

PTSA President

The Meadowbrook PTSA