Meadowbrook Students Win in the PTA Reflections Contest - 2018

2018 – Meadowbrook Reflections Contest Winners!

We had a great year at Meadowbrook for the Reflections contest and wanted to announce the winners for each category and the theme this year was “Hero’s Around”.
Film Production: Atticus Robinson (1)
Literature: Ella Van Loan (1); Leia Romero (2); Tim Riggins
Music Composition: Hunter Larson (1)
Photography: Atticus Robinson (1)
Visual Art: Clare Ashley (1); Emeri Schumacher (1); Kaia Carlson (2); Presley Carlson; Shea Drysdale; Nora Keiffer; Kyron Schumacher; Ella Van Loan
Congratulations to those who went onto district (1st and 2nd place finishers) on Thursday December 7, 2018. Winners from there will go onto State competition.



Best Attendance Trophies

Meadowbrook has traveling trophies for the best attendance in K-1, 2-3, and 4-5.  Twice a month we award a new class with our trophy and goodies.  Our winners in April were:

K-1…Mrs. Rohrbach

2-3…Mrs. Swanson

4-5…Mrs. Bolton


Popcorn Winner’s for Perfect Attendance:

K-2…Mrs. Rohrbach

3-5…Mrs. Julius

Thank you to Mr. Kjerstad & Amber Maunders-Delight  for making popcorn for the winning classes and the whole school!                         

We LOVE popcorn!!