Meadowbrook safety headerMeadowbrook Elementary is dedicated to the safety of students and staff. The below procedures will be in place to provide a learning environment that best meets CDC guidelines to the most extent possible within the constraints of our facility.


ARRIVAL Breakfast will be served in the multi-purpose room at 7:40 each morning. Students will enter through the North-side lunchroom door. Seating will provide social distancing.

Upon arriving at school, students will enter their grade level assigned door beginning at 7:50. Implementing this “soft start” will assist in avoiding large lines waiting outside together as well as having all K-5 students on the playground at the same time. Individual and small groups of students will be able to wash hands and take care of their belongings without a large mass of students at once. 

Paraprofessionals and support staff will be assigned doors to greet students and assist with getting them to the correct door.

Students who arrive after 8:10, will need to access the front entrance to receive a Tardy Slip from the office prior to going to their classroom.

We highly encourage our parents to say their goodbyes at the playground fence. We realize parents of our kindergarten and first grade students may need to walk their child to the grade level door for the first week. We expect parents to wear a face mask when doing so. 

DISMISSAL Dismissing students at the end of the day will be on a staggered schedule. Students who walk will be dismissed at 2:45, students with a ride at 2:50, and bused students at 2:55.
RECESS Students will go to recess as a grade level. Playground Zones will be developed and assigned on a rotating basis to individual classrooms during Level 2

When lining up to re-enter the building, lines will be spaced away from each other following the 6 ft. recommendation.

Contact sports such as soccer, football and basketball will be replaced with, games such as 500, Lightning, Horse, 4 Corners, etc

Students will be expected to wash or sanitize hands before and after recess.

BATHROOM Students will use the nearest restroom. Only two students will be allowed in the bathroom at time. Hooks for bathroom passes will be outside of each bathroom to indicate the availability of the restroom.

Students will wash hands upon exiting the restroom.

LUNCH Students will access the lunchroom through the outside door as this will provide students to line up outside rather than in the building. 

Hand sanitizer will be available at the lunchroom entrance and exit.

Social distancing will be encouraged with the use of markers on the floor. 

Students will sit six to a table rather than 16 to insure as much social distancing as possible. 

One or two classes from each grade level will eat in their classroom on a rotating basis depending on numbers to reduce the number of students in the lunch area.

HALLWAY Individual classrooms at grade levels will use a staggered schedule to use the hallway to access the playground and lunchroom. Outside routes will be utilized as much as possible to provide fresh air and movement for students. During inclement weather, one way hall traffic and staggered schedule will be utilized.
SPECIALS Music, PE, and IMS will be instructed in grade level classrooms or outside to reduce the groups of students working in these locations. Classrooms will have library checkout every other week by sending half the class at a time. 
CLASSROOM Staff will minimize furniture to maximize space in classrooms in order to provide as much social distancing as possible.

Staff will establish routines and procedures within their classrooms that provide frequent hand washing and social distancing. Students will also wash hands upon exiting and entering the classroom.

Students will use individual baggies/boxes for supplies. There will be no community supplies available.

Staff will provide individual sets of manipulatives to each student.

Individual browsing boxes will be used for books so they are not shared among students. Books will be sanitized prior to being replaced in the classroom library.

NURSING Designated “sick” and “well” areas have been established:

  • Sick Room will be used for students with a fever
  • Well Room will be used for students who need daily meds given, scrapes, inhalers, etc

School Nurse will develop protocol for assessing students prior to designating them to an area.

OFFICE AREA Staff/students will limit their visits to the office area for essential needs.

Parents will need to call to schedule a meeting to discuss school business. Upon entering the school, they will need to follow all screening protocols.

Parents will need to contact office staff by phone to share information regarding students. Parents will not be able to access the building without an appointment.