Meadowbrook Families,

I am excited to be writing this letter to our Meadowbrook families as we move into our new reality in the midst of a pandemic. This year we will have two options for families to choose from: On Campus Learning and Distance Learning. The deadline for registration is August 19th. All families will need to go into Skyward Family Access and either Opt In or Opt Out for the Distance Learning option. Below is a description of each.

Levels of Community Spread

Level 1 – Learners will attend school on campus Monday-Thursday. Friday is considered an off-campus

learning day for all students.

Level 2 – Learners will be split into Team A (last names A-K) and Team B (last names L-Z) and attend on-

campus two days of the week, and 3 days a week will be off-campus. Team A will be on campus

Monday and Tuesday, and Team B will be on campus Wednesday and Thursday.

Level 3 – Learners will be off-campus Monday-Friday

Option 1: On Campus/Off Campus Hybrid


On Campus Learning

This learning option will closely resemble regular instructional programming while learners are physically at school, with additional health and safety precautions. Learners will have whole group instruction, small group learning opportunities, and independent practice. All learning will include integrating technology so that students will be independent on their technology devices when at home. This will include recorded versions of lessons, as well as digital assignments and assessments using digital platforms.

· In Level 1, off-campus learning will take place on Fridays for all learners, with the other four days on-campus.

· If the district is in Level 2, learners will be split into Team A (last names A-K) and Team B (last names L-Z) and attend on-campus two days of the week, and 3 days a week will be off-campus. Team A will be on campus Monday and Tuesday, and Team B will be on campus Wednesday and Thursday.

· During Off Campus days, learners can expect new content each day in the form of recorded lessons, including directions and work examples whenever they are appropriate; these resources will be available through our digital platform and students will use their assigned computers.

· In the event that the district moves to Level 3, all learners will be off-campus 100% of the time. Core content and Specials will be available every day through our digital platform.

Option 2: Distance Learning

Families that choose the Distance Learning option will receive instruction in Reading, Writing, and Math from RCAS teachers. Families and learners can expect instruction in the Distance Learning option to closely resemble regular instructional programming, with some notable

exceptions. Learners will have recorded direct instruction, “live” small group learning opportunities via Zoom, and independent practice. Our PE, music, and STEAM teachers will also be uploading optional content for our distance learners. All content will be available through our digital platform, with direct links to other resources as necessary.

Small group instruction using Zoom for reading, writing, and math will most likely take place after 3:45 pm, but all other content can be accessed throughout the day to better fit your family’s schedule. Learners will be expected to “attend” their small group meetings and to complete tasks. Families will need provide their own access to internet for this option as it is required.

Additional Information Items:

Safety Procedures: Meadowbrook is dedicated to the safety of students and staff. We will have additional safety measures as advised by the CDC throughout the building.

Arrival: Students will enter the school building through their assigned doors beginning at 7:50 and go directly to their classroom. We ask that students not arrive prior to that time. School will begin at 8:10.

Dismissal: We will have a staggered dismissal. Students who walk will be dismissed at 2:45. Students who have a ride will be dismissed at 2:50, and bus students will be dismissed at 2:55.

Open House: Meadowbrook Open House will be done virtually this year. You will receive a recorded video from your child’s teacher on August 24th. The video will include an introduction from the teacher and information regarding the classroom for the year. From 5:00-6:00 Meadowbrook staff will be along the entrance to Meadowbrook so families can drive by and wave as we kick of our year.

Kindergarten: Small group assignments will be mailed to you on August 24th. Your kindergartner will be assigned one day to attend school the first week of school. We have found having small groups for kindergarten benefit the children for the initial school transition.

Lunch Money: Deposits are made to your child’s lunch account directly through family access at RCAS. If you prefer, you may also send cash or check to school in an envelope with your child’s name on it. Free and Reduced lunch applications will be available at open house or online at Family Access/Food Service/Applications. If your student is going to be late or tardy, please call the office to order lunch for your student by 9:00 am. If lunch is not ordered by 9:00 am, your child will need to bring lunch. Our final lunch count is called in by 9:00 am. Lunches called in after 9:00 am create additional strain on delivery systems we have in place. Elementary lunches are $2.50 and breakfast is $2.05.

Student Handbooks: Please review the Student Handbook with your student. You will receive a sign off sheet from your child’s teacher that you will need to sign and return in the Meadowbrook Take Home Folder to school the next day. All school communications will be sent home in a take home folder. Please return the folder the following school day.

Medication: We do not keep over the counter medication on hand. You may bring OTC medication such as Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and cough drops to leave in the nurse’s office. It must be in the original container and a medical consent form needs to be filled out and on file with the school nurse.

We are looking forward to our new and are returning students to Meadowbrook. If you have questions or concerns, I encourage you to contact our office.


Shannon Schaefers, Principal



Meadowbrook Staff Members


  • Shannon Schaefers



  • Shannon Fish
  • Kyra Webb
  • Lucia Vincent
  • Janet Brubakken

First Grade

  • Daryl Barnett
  • Kristen Huntington
  • Nancy Rohrbach
  • Brandi Sperle

Second Grade

  • Linda Baysinger
  • Teresa Wolf
  • Mariah Koehne
  • Brenda Swanson

Third Grade

  • Ashley Julius
  • Amy Nelson
  • Tricia Hauf
  • Angela Knispel

Fourth Grade

  • Susan Bolton
  • Mykel Salazar
  • Amy Shanahan

Fifth Grade

  • Beth Chalberg
  • Patti Mitzel
  • Lacey Brown
  • Jennifer Rouse


  • Balie Albrecht, Music
  • Ben Lemay, Orchestra
  • April Magnuson, Band


  • Shelly Vidas

Information Media Center/Library/STEAM2

  • Tina Eisenbraun, Information Media Specialist
  • Michelle Eames, Library Secretary/Clerk


  • Renee Landeen

Behavior Strategist

  • Melissa Dittman

Intervention Specialist

  • Kelli Collins


  • Cari Clark

District Wide K-2 & 3-5 Rooms

  • Tasha Haugen, District Wide K-2
  • Andrea Minkel, Para Professional
  • Susan Schlottman, Para Professional
  • Katie Rohrbach, District Wide 3-5
  • Teri Pourier, Para Professional
  • Candace Wurdeman, K-2 Life Skills Paraprofessional
  • Michelle Ohrtman, 3-5 Life Skills Paraprofessional
  • Brandy Raab, Para Professional

Learning Center

  • Jessica Willuweit, L.D. Teacher
  • Lisa Teachout, L. D. Teacher
  • Shaun Keller, L.D. Teacher
  • Sheri O’Connell, Special Ed. Assistant
  • Maureen O’Brien, Special Ed. Assistant.
  • Ilze McMacken, LC Sped Asst.
  • Michelle Dwyer, Papraprofessional
  • Jessica Haugen, Para Professional

Literacy Specialists

  • Tim Cleland
  • Ramie Krysl
  • Leon Swift Bird, Literacy Coach, MTSS


  • Brittany Hemenway
  • Bethany Wessel (Share with Pinedale)
  • Kendra Patton (Share with Horace Mann)

Office Staff

  • Lisa Armour, Secretary
  • Kelly Hotovec, Secretary
  • Jamie Marvin-Vargas, Nurse
  • …, Nurse (TBA)
  • Desiree Klapperich, Food Service

 Day Custodian

  • Billy Wade

 OT Therapists

  • Jenny Rehorst
  • Amy Thompson


  • Yaimey Nunez

 Noon Duty

  • Cecelia Herrera
  • Irene Hall
  • Erick Swanson
  • John Krejci
  • Jamie Jones


  • Diane Myers